mrs. peter bishop (kim_vz) wrote in meester_minions,
mrs. peter bishop


WELCOME TO meester_minions

We are a NON SRS BSNS community for fans of the ever fabulous Leighton Meester. We're in it for the ~lulz and we don't take anything seriously here.

This community is members-only, join to view the entries!
Membership is moderated.

You can post anytime you want, with anything you want. As long as your post is interactive, or has to do with Leighton, we like and love it. Your post doesn't necessarily have to be related to Leighton, but if you post something off-topic, please try to make it interactive with the rest of the members.

You see that there are no restrictions at all for posting! We do have some minor rules, but they're not difficult to follow. Basically the only thing we find important is that you play nice. We want this to be a fun place, so drama llama is an absolute no-go. If you don't like a certain someone, just scroll by and ignore that person. If you have serious issues with another member, use our PAGE-A-MOD system or PM one of the mods.

Finally, POST AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE, don't be shy! We can't stress this enough, because without you we would never be able to get this community going and keep it alive. So, POST AWAY!

-- your ever friendly mods brookebanks, ohriot and [info]kim_vz

Tags: !mod abuse, !welcome, this is how it's done
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